2020 Fall Junior League

Player Registration Form

Summer Grove Golf Club

Team Coach Beth Blevins

Assistant Coach Sam Sowerbrower

Program Structure

  •  Ages 8-17, Co-ed, with 5-6 member teams. Summer Grove will fill 3 or 4 teams. Registration is limited to the first 25 registered and fully paid participants.

  •  All matches will be played at Summer Grove Golf Club

  •  Team vs Team competitions consist of three 9-hole matches (shotgun or just 3 tee times)

  •  Matches are 4-ball (2 vs 2) scramble format, with each hole worth a point. Giving every participant a chance to play

  •  5 week regular season (Running from Mid September to the end of October)

  •  Team practices will take place on Wednesday afternoons, between 5:15-6:45, depending on assigned team. Matches will occur on Thursday afternoons around 5pm.

  •  This year due to Covid restrictions, ALL golfers will be required to walk during matches.  Parents or loved ones may carry or push their bags, but no carts will be used for any player or spectator.  Coach Sam and Coach Beth and staff will shuttle the players out to their start holes (due to the smaller teams we work to have players start and finish on close holes). If we can adjust the standard by October we will.

  •  Coach Beth and Coach Sam will be masked during all practices and matches. We ask players-teammates to please try and maintain social distancing whenever possible.

  •  If a player has a fever or Covid symptoms please keep your golfer at home.  Please help Coach Beth and staff maintain this standard.

All registrations must go through the PGA Junior League website. Please register on the PGA JR League page, www.pgajrleague.com.  Look for Summer Grove Golf Club. 


JLG Participants Receive 2 team polos, team pullover, team hat, drawstring bag, and bag tag.


Junior's Name:________________________________________________________________________


Junior's Age as of 1 Sept 2020:__________     DOB:_____________ Shirt Size: Jr or Adult?__________


Parent's Name:________________________________________________________________________






Phone (H):_____________________________________ (Cell):_________________________________


Friends your golfer would like to be on the same team with: 



Preferred practice time: (circle one)   5:15    or     6:00


Fill out, email or text a picture of this form back to Coach Beth at 678-850-6476 or bethblevinspga@gmail.com